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We are on Hawaii!

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on November 24, 2008

We arrived on Hawaii yesterday. It’s great – but we have little time, just as always. We will head for Maui in 5 minutes.


Status … written on my birthday

Posted in Florida by Ulf on November 22, 2008

Hey Leute!

Nur ganz kurz: Vielen Dank für alle Geburtstagswünsche!!

Wir haben meinen Geburtstag heute morgen vor einem Club in Miami Beach gefeiert, in den wir wegen unserer Frauenquote nicht reingekommen sind. Die Türsteher sind hier nicht immer leicht zu nehmen ;-).

Den Rest des Tages haben wir in den Everglades verbracht. Morgen früh geht es nach Hawaii.

Ich kann leider keine Fotos hochladen, die Verbindung ist hier nicht sehr stabil. Und außerdem hab ich mein Kameraobjektiv mit Sand befüllt. Hoffentlich kriege ich das wieder heile.

Viele Grüße!!


EDIT: You guys are awesome! Thank you to Stuttgart & all over the world for the great hat and the trunks! Right on the first day someone on the airport asked me if it was a real Panama hat and where he could get one too. I really enjoy it, pictues will follow! (Altough my camera seems to be seriously broken.)

Well, they found it all. Almost.

Posted in Florida by Ulf on November 21, 2008

… but I can’t copy the pictures to my computer right now. Maybe I can do this tomorrow in the morning. In the worst case you’ll have to wait for one week.

Update: Our event is over, it was great! Now we’ll be in Miami International Travelers Hostel until Sunday.

Will they find it?

Posted in Florida by Ulf on November 20, 2008

bild3541I really have to admit that McKinsey chose the best hotel they could find. There is really nothing to complain about in Biltmore Hotel. Really nothing? Well, lets find out!

Today I put five traps for the room service in my room. Let’s find out if they find them!

  1. There is something in my recycle bin. Will they empty it? (very simple task!)
  2. I removed one piece of chocolate from my bed table. So there is only one left. Will they replace the other one? (this one should also be really simple)
  3. Some of the books in my room tiled over. Will the room service put them upright again?
  4. The next sheet of toilet paper in my room burst into two peaces. Will they throw the last sheet away?
  5. Someone has written “Moin Moin” onto the huge mirror in the bathroom. Will they find it and clean the mirror again? (This one is really hard as one can only read “Moin Moin” if there is a lot of condensed water on the mirror.)

I cannot believe that they’ll find all these “traps” without reading this blog. However, if they find four of five, they are really good. So let’s find out about it tomorrow! See you then!

bild3632 bild3533 bild3530 bild3507 bild3515

PS: Andi, such an Open Bar in an infinite-number-of-stars hotel is even better in getting me drunk than both you and your brother together. I’ve been refilling myself with water now for almost an hour for not having an headache tomorrow.

Room service in a luxury hotel

Posted in Florida by Ulf on November 19, 2008

bild3503I did not yet get used to the room service in this hotel. When I left my room, it was dark and there were just a few sheets of paper on my bed. When I returned a couple of minutes ago, all the lights were turned on and the music was playing. They also nicely arranged the four pillows on my bed and put a bath robe and some slippers next to it. They also gave me a menu card for in-room breakfast which I could just hang on the doorknob (I won’t do this of course). And they put some ice into a little bottle cooler in the room. Altogether, this is lots of wasted energy. I don’t need all this comfort.

Arrival in Florida

Posted in Florida by Ulf on November 18, 2008

Hi folks,
yes, we do have free Internet access in our hotel room. But before: I’ve seen some more states! I’ve seen the east coast of Virginia and North Carolina before we approached to Florida. So that’s three more on the list! This is a sunrise over Maryland:


Later on I’ll try to show you some pictures of our hotel. It’s really amazing (not just because there are two TV sets in each room)! For now, just two little snapshots: The first one is a I-don’t-know-how-to-call-it on the Ethernet cable. Perhaps there is some mechanical firewall or a virus scanner inside. I don’t trust this one ;-).
The second picture is a Fahrenheit-Celsius-Converter attached to the wall. You can just enter any temperature, then press a button and this machine will convert it to the other scale. And what is best about it: If you enter 60°F and want to find out how 60°F feel like, that machine will automatically adapt the room temperature to 60°F ;-).


+++ Weather Alert +++

Posted in Florida, Hawaii, Newark by Ulf on November 17, 2008

The Weather Channels prediction for tomorrows highest temperature in Newark, DE, is 40°F:newark1

At first, 40° sounds good, but Google says it’s 277K which is about 5°C. Now, 5° doesn’t sound good anymore. But it gets even worse: accuweather.com predicts a “RealFeel®” of 29 °F. And weather.com adds “Scattered snow showers becoming mixed with rain later.” Hey, I’m going to university by bike! They just can’t put water and snow on the road and freeze them to ice within the night.

Therefore I’ve decided that this is just the right time for a little experiment: Which one is warmer, Florida or Hawaii? Currently Honolulu lags behind by 1°F and it even is raining on Hawaii. And because of this I’ll start my temperature investigation in Miami with its sunny 73°F.

honolulu_miamiI’ll be in Miami from November 18th to the 23th. Then I’ll stay on the Hawaii islands until November 30th. My arrival back here in Delaware will be on December 1st. I’m not sure if can write blog posts in between. Therefore I’m looking forward to seeing/reading/talking to you in two weeks from now!

PS: Can someone please give a virtual “Happy Birthday”-hug to René on Wednesday?

My meal.

Posted in Meals by Ulf on November 17, 2008

I’ve two reasons for showing you how my lunch was like today:


At first, I had a Diet Coke. That’s nothing special so far. But I drank it from a can! A real can! Those things that were abolished in Germany a couple of years ago. I really felt like a small child when I opened it and heard the fizzling.
By the way: Diet coke tastes disgusting, only the can was great ;-).

The other thing to tell you about is the mustard I have on my bread (I’m afraid you can’t see it very well). When I went shopping for the first time here in Newark, Mary told me that I should try mustard on my bread. From looking at the bottle I had no idea what this “mustard” is, so I tried it. We call it “Senf” in Germany, so after all I do know what it is. But I’ve never tried it as an replacement for butter. And you know what? It’s great!

J Fullsize 4dr a/c

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on November 16, 2008

Today I’ve booked a rental car for our upcoming Hawaii vacation. It will be a “J Fullsize 4dr a/c”, organized by the German agency http://www.holidayautos.de. As we are a group of five, it might still be tight in there. This is how it will roughly look like:


Memories of Magdeburg

Posted in Uncategorized by Ulf on November 16, 2008

A couple of weeks ago when I spent a weekend at home, I met a friend who visited me in Magdeburg once (that was back in 2004). He remembered my “George Foreman Lean mean fat reducing grilling machine”. Some of my fellow students from Magdeburg might also know it. That was really a nice tool. However, I did not take it with me to Stuttgart as I was a bit cautious regarding our dormitory kitchen. I think this was a good decision. I’ll continue using it once I move back to Stuttgart next year.

bild3460Today I discovered that we also have such a George Foreman Grill in our kitchen here in Newark. I’m looking forward to using it!