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Hello New World / Christophs one-week working holiday

Posted in Europe, People, USA by Ulf on November 4, 2008

I left Europe for eight months. This is how Europe looked like when I left it:

My last view on EuropeYou’ll find some parts of southern Ireland if you have a really close look. But after a couple of hours, I arrived in the United States:

bild3283The first thing which attracted my attention were those baseball fields all over the place. They have them everywhere. However I have only seen these fields from the plane. In town I only went past some soccer fields with some girls playing on it. That looked really European :-).

On my flight from London Heathrow to Philadelphia I met Christoph:

Thats Christoph, working for the Obama campaignWe both were early for our flight so we walked around a bit on LHR airport. In fact, we both looked at the departure tables and found out that most flights heading to America would depart from the B gates. So we both took the train to the B gates (without knowing about each other). However, the B gates are boring. That’s why we went back to the A gates where all the stores are. Please note that there is no train from the B gates back to the A gates, so we had to walk. This was alright as we had plenty of time.

Christoph will be in the US for just one week. He’ll support the democratic party in Philadelphia (“Philly”) with their campaign for Senator Obama. He is paying the the flight but the Obama campaign management will compensate for his housing etc. He will have to make phone calls, he will distribute flyers and he will walk from house to house to talk to people directly.

Besides making his way into the history, he is an editor for scientific books (physics in his case). That means that he has to talk to professors and other authors about the publishing issues.

(I’m sorry, the picture is a bit blurred. On the camera display it looked alright.)


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