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Artificial Intelligence

Posted in University stuff by Ulf on November 7, 2008

ai_mit_pfeilen Yesterday Ji-Chul (he is from Korea) and I walked along a shelf full of Chinese books (they belong to Xi, another member of our group). I asked Ji-Chul if he would understand the titles. It seems that Koreans understand most of these Chinese letters.

He chose the blue book on the picture for explaining it to me:
The upper glyph (which looks like an “A”) means “Human”.
The glyph below (that is somehow like an “I”) stands for “Intelligence”.

So, altogether this book is about artificial intelligence. However, even as a German, if I read these letters “AI”, I understand what the book is about even without any knowledge of any Asian language. It’s just that these glyphs look so much like “AI”!

Does anyone of you know where “AI” comes from? Could it be that it originates from Asia, and that it was originally written with these Chinese letters? And that the first guy how translated it to English just preserved the abbreviation? Or perhaps the other way around? Or is this just a strange coincidence?

Edit: A friend of Anne told me that “AI” would not be complete. You’ve to take the first four letters to get “Artificial Intelligence”.


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  1. chrissi said, on November 11, 2008 at 2:27 am

    The Kanji glyphes usually origin from symbols. Our teacher for Japanese (who also use the Kanji glyphes) told aus, that the one looking like an A might have been a sitting man (drawn in a simple way). =)

    But as for your question about AI – I have no clue. But I guess, it’s simply a coincidence.

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