52 States in 8 Months

Avoid Maryland at all costs!

Posted in USA by Ulf on November 8, 2008

I’ve been to Maryland today. If I counted correctly, this was the 7th US state on my journey so far. If I add the other 8 countries that I have seen, this makes 15 altogether within only one week! I’m approaching the 52 really fast :-).

But still, I have to tell you about Maryland. Don’t go there! My first impression was that they don’t have signs telling you when you enter the state. So, to give you a little proof that I’ve really left Delaware, I took a photo of the sign in the other direction which tells you that you are entering Delaware again:

bild3349But that itself is no reason for avoiding Maryland. The reason is: They are too stingy to build proper roads! When I drove there, I was shaken horribly! I mean, it’s a difference like the border from Germany to Poland! Or no, the first kilometers of Polish roads are alright. So Maryland is even worse than Poland! Have a look yourself. The first picture is somewhere in Maryland. The right-hand side picture is from another border where I went to Delaware again. Oh boy, what a difference! (In case the road looks alright to you on the pictures … well, go to Maryland and try it yourself…!)bild3352bild3353

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