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Warning: This posting containts kittenish material.

Posted in Diploma thesis by Ulf on November 14, 2008

Just two little notes on what happened today:

Early in the morning I had an appointment with Dr. Agrawal. Actually I tried to reach him on Tuesday but he wasn’t in his office. On Wednesday I asked him if he had a couple of minutes for me, and we decided to meet on Thursday. On Thursday however, he was quite busy. Then I showed him the results which I had visualized on my Wednesdays posting and finally got my appointment for Friday. So… today we had only some shifts in the time (from “late afternoon” to 11pm, to 11am and finally to 9:45am). However, Dr. Agrawal was quite impressed of my work so far, and we discussed how to go on. This is what came out:bild3409So, after having seen this picture you know exactly what my diploma thesis will be about ;-). By the way, I decided to throw away this memo later on. Who could have imagined this?

In the evening I chatted with Susi a bit. She told me that she was fascinated by the eye wash station next to the shower I presented yesterday. I totally understand why:

This is how it looks like when it’s closed:

This is what it is like when water leaks out. Susi said that it was leaking for a long time until she told the plumber about it:

This is how it looks like when the valve is reasonably wide open. Notice that the impulsion of the water from the left hand side is just the same as the impulsion from the right hand side, so the water falls down vertically in the center. (I love the term “impulsion”. Prof. Thévenin who used to teach fluid mechanics in Magdeburg used this word.)

Now I exaggerated a bit. It is probably better if I close it again:

Now the tap is completely open. This is probably useful if you intend to clean your shoes.

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  1. Marcel said, on January 25, 2009 at 10:15 am

    ever anybody suggested providing safety glases instead of installing such a ridiculously redundant sink? ^^

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