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Bike trip to Pennsylvania

Posted in Newark, People by Ulf on November 15, 2008

This morning I used to work on my bike once again as the chain came off twice yesterday. So … once the bike was fixed, a test drive was required. Therefore, Jaume and I decided to follow our little creek here up to Pennsylvania. (Jaume is a math professor from Barcelona who spends one month in our group here in Delaware. He currently works on a paper about differential flatness which Susi wrote during her study thesis.)

The stone you see on the first photos is a landmark between Delaware and Pennsylvania (actually, the border to Maryland is nearby, too). As you can see on the map, the border between Pennsylvania and Delaware is a 12-mile-circle while the border from Pennsylvania to Maryland is just a straight line. Did I mention that Jaume is a mathematician? *g*

bild3447 penn_del

Although there where many beautiful places that we went by on our way back, I only took a picture of an invisible fence. Stupid me, how can I try to photograph a fence that can’t be seen?bild3455
One last thing: Are there any good biologists/zoologists among you? Elke, Jens, Moritz? How is this fruit called? I’ve never seen it in Germany, but it seems to grow here everywhere:


PS: The bike was just great today! Although we had some high speed downhills on our way (and therefore also a couple of ascents with high torque), the chain never came off within the 2,5 hours. That is a new all-time record for me on that bike. Only once my back wheel slid away when I had to brake so hard that the wheel stalled (my bike only has a back pedal brake and no hand brakes, therefore the brake force cannot be distributed to both wheels).


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  1. kalifornientom said, on November 16, 2008 at 7:18 am

    Ugh! That looks gross! Are there any nuclear plants around?!

  2. ulf84 said, on November 16, 2008 at 8:00 am

    Well, the Three Mile Island nuclear power station is not very far away. Maybe these fruits are the outcome of the 1979 incident?

  3. […] About 10 miles further down on my way to New Castle, I saw something which I thought would just exist in the Internet. Have you ever bought books from Amazon.com? For me, Amazon is THE e-commerce company per se. Still, they even have a real building and a real signboard in front of it: From Amazon I only had to go another 3 miles or so to reach my destination. New Castle turned out to be a lovely looking, historic town. And they still have the courthouse which is the center of the 12-miles-circle (earlier in this blog). […]

  4. […] in differential flatness, just as we control engineers are. Back in November, I wrote about a bicycle trip I did together with […]

  5. Hamilton Samuels said, on September 8, 2012 at 7:08 am

    Your fruit is an osage orange, also known as a hedgeapple. I grew up in that area, and as a kid, when we played army in the woods, the osage orange made for a fine pretend hand grenade.

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