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My meal.

Posted in Meals by Ulf on November 17, 2008

I’ve two reasons for showing you how my lunch was like today:


At first, I had a Diet Coke. That’s nothing special so far. But I drank it from a can! A real can! Those things that were abolished in Germany a couple of years ago. I really felt like a small child when I opened it and heard the fizzling.
By the way: Diet coke tastes disgusting, only the can was great ;-).

The other thing to tell you about is the mustard I have on my bread (I’m afraid you can’t see it very well). When I went shopping for the first time here in Newark, Mary told me that I should try mustard on my bread. From looking at the bottle I had no idea what this “mustard” is, so I tried it. We call it “Senf” in Germany, so after all I do know what it is. But I’ve never tried it as an replacement for butter. And you know what? It’s great!


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  1. Andreas said, on November 17, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    es gibt übrigens auch Bier in Dosen, falls du dir nicht weiterhin diet coke antuen willst. (auch wenn das bei dir wohl keine Erinnerungen weckt da die Dosen schon länger abgeschafft waren vor wir dich zum Bier verführt haben)

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