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Posted in Florida, Hawaii, Newark by Ulf on November 17, 2008

The Weather Channels prediction for tomorrows highest temperature in Newark, DE, is 40°F:newark1

At first, 40° sounds good, but Google says it’s 277K which is about 5°C. Now, 5° doesn’t sound good anymore. But it gets even worse: accuweather.com predicts a “RealFeel®” of 29 °F. And weather.com adds “Scattered snow showers becoming mixed with rain later.” Hey, I’m going to university by bike! They just can’t put water and snow on the road and freeze them to ice within the night.

Therefore I’ve decided that this is just the right time for a little experiment: Which one is warmer, Florida or Hawaii? Currently Honolulu lags behind by 1°F and it even is raining on Hawaii. And because of this I’ll start my temperature investigation in Miami with its sunny 73°F.

honolulu_miamiI’ll be in Miami from November 18th to the 23th. Then I’ll stay on the Hawaii islands until November 30th. My arrival back here in Delaware will be on December 1st. I’m not sure if can write blog posts in between. Therefore I’m looking forward to seeing/reading/talking to you in two weeks from now!

PS: Can someone please give a virtual “Happy Birthday”-hug to René on Wednesday?


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  1. Andreas said, on November 17, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    Danke für den Tipp mit dem RealFeel. Das bringt mir nochmal ein Grad mehr für morgen :-).
    Und wenn ich Google mit “72 f in c” füttere kommen 22.2 raus was für Ende November akzeptabel ist

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