52 States in 8 Months

Arrival in Florida

Posted in Florida by Ulf on November 18, 2008

Hi folks,
yes, we do have free Internet access in our hotel room. But before: I’ve seen some more states! I’ve seen the east coast of Virginia and North Carolina before we approached to Florida. So that’s three more on the list! This is a sunrise over Maryland:


Later on I’ll try to show you some pictures of our hotel. It’s really amazing (not just because there are two TV sets in each room)! For now, just two little snapshots: The first one is a I-don’t-know-how-to-call-it on the Ethernet cable. Perhaps there is some mechanical firewall or a virus scanner inside. I don’t trust this one ;-).
The second picture is a Fahrenheit-Celsius-Converter attached to the wall. You can just enter any temperature, then press a button and this machine will convert it to the other scale. And what is best about it: If you enter 60°F and want to find out how 60°F feel like, that machine will automatically adapt the room temperature to 60°F ;-).



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