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Will they find it?

Posted in Florida by Ulf on November 20, 2008

bild3541I really have to admit that McKinsey chose the best hotel they could find. There is really nothing to complain about in Biltmore Hotel. Really nothing? Well, lets find out!

Today I put five traps for the room service in my room. Let’s find out if they find them!

  1. There is something in my recycle bin. Will they empty it? (very simple task!)
  2. I removed one piece of chocolate from my bed table. So there is only one left. Will they replace the other one? (this one should also be really simple)
  3. Some of the books in my room tiled over. Will the room service put them upright again?
  4. The next sheet of toilet paper in my room burst into two peaces. Will they throw the last sheet away?
  5. Someone has written “Moin Moin” onto the huge mirror in the bathroom. Will they find it and clean the mirror again? (This one is really hard as one can only read “Moin Moin” if there is a lot of condensed water on the mirror.)

I cannot believe that they’ll find all these “traps” without reading this blog. However, if they find four of five, they are really good. So let’s find out about it tomorrow! See you then!

bild3632 bild3533 bild3530 bild3507 bild3515

PS: Andi, such an Open Bar in an infinite-number-of-stars hotel is even better in getting me drunk than both you and your brother together. I’ve been refilling myself with water now for almost an hour for not having an headache tomorrow.


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  1. steffi said, on November 20, 2008 at 3:43 am

    hey, that’s so exciting! ;-)

    please solve the case as soon as possible!


  2. […] found it all. Almost. — Revisited. Posted in Florida by ulf84 on December 2nd, 2008 Earlier in this blog, I put some traps into the hotel room in Biltmore Hotel, Miami. I wanted to find out […]

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