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Adventskalender: Wie sieht dein Adventskalender aus?

Posted in Adventskalender, Hawaii by Ulf on December 1, 2008

The simple answer is: I don’t have one — besides the Flash calender, which will supply me with one Christmas-related question every day :-). However, we almost bought an Advent calender in one of the “abc stores” in Honolulu (Oahu). The Christmas time did not pass by Hawaii: There are Christmas trees all over the place and the radio plays “Jingle bells” and similar songs. Most people don’t seem to care about the 82°F which prevented me from falling into a Christmas mood so far.

I’ve just returned safely from the Hawaii vacation (this does not apply to other members of our group, so stay tuned for the blog posts which I will write in the next days). The trip was absolutely breathtaking. I cannot image that I find another place such as Hawaii anywhere else in the United States. But now I’m back in Delaware which got back to 41°F after having had snow last week (in my absence).

Edit: My holiday casualties so far are two trousers which I seemingly cannot to get clean anymore. I can also write off my digital camera which I put into the sand in Miami Beach. But I will buy a new camera soon, so I will keep on supplying you with photos.


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