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Breakfast at about 20ft

Posted in Florida, Meals by Ulf on December 2, 2008

Let’s suppose you don’t have the in-room breakfast in Biltmore Hotel, Miami. The first thing you’ll discover after leaving your room is the latest “USA Today” which they hang on every outside door knob:


You’re hungry, so you don’t care about the newspaper. You’ll just go down to the lobby and walk the the rear of the Hotel. This is where the golf course is. Some millionaires are already there. They have skin-headed trainers which yell “Run … Walk … Sprint … Run” at them all the time. One question must come to mind: Why do they spend money on trainers? A cassette recorder would really do the job! And if they wanted a random mixture of these “Run” and “Sprint” commands, they could just get an Ipod and set it to shuffle mode.
I took this picture when the trainer just made our millionaire play with a ball:


But you are hungry, so you don’t care about that. You walk straight to the breakfast area. This is what Biltmore offered on Wednesday morning:

bild3555 bild3556 bild3557 bild3559

Choosing something is obviously not easy here. I decided to have three warm meals a day. That’s why I took the British breakfast with egg, sausage, bacon and potatoes. And, as I’m in the fast food country, I ate one bottle of Ketchup, too. Yammi!

bild3655 bild3562

This is exactly how a good day has to start!


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