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Well, they found it all. Almost. — Revisited.

Posted in Florida by Ulf on December 2, 2008

Earlier in this blog, I put some traps into the hotel room in Biltmore Hotel, Miami. I wanted to find out if the room service was able to find all my little traps. So let’s solve it:

bild3633 bild3635 bild3631 bild3634 bild3650

  1. They have cleared my waste can, and
  2. they have also given me a second piece of chocolate. Yammi!
  3. They also put the books upright again, BUT: have a look at second book from right. You can’t read the title because the book is still frontside-down! And this is just that one of the books which I liked the most. Its title is “Sisters are special” (Greetings to Elke!).
  4. However, the toilet paper is in shape again. They have removed the sliced sheet and arranged the next full sheet to a triangle look. Well done!
  5. The “Moin Moin” was still written on the mirror when I left the room. You can hardly read it, but the mirror has not been cleaned.

So, altogether, they managed to find 3 out of the 5 traps. Perhaps one cannot expect any more, even from a hotel which costs something between $300 and $400 each night.

In the end, just two more photos: The first one shows what I found under some piece of furniture: Some other guest hid a second pair of slippers (possibly years ago!) and the cleaning staff never found it. The second photo shows one more service of the evening room service. When they turn on the light and the music in your room, they also close a roller blind behind the curtain. I do like that.

bild3671 bild35281

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