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What roughly 30 Neuländers are doing all day

Posted in Florida by Ulf on December 4, 2008

I obviously wasn’t in Miami for a holiday. I took part in the “Neuland 2008” seminar by McKinsey & Company. We had to sign NDAs, so I will not give you details on what our seminar was about. But I guess I can mention that we were about 30 students from a variety of disciplines. This includes law students, physicists, physicians, political scientists, engineers and obviously many economists. McKinsey showed us their best practice of consulting projects.

At first we were divided in teams of five students each. We worked on the steps itself in small conference rooms. Afterwards we met in a large assembly hall for discussing our results:
bild3577 bild3566

But when it got to cold inside (those A/Cs are really a pain!), we decided to “work” next to the pool:
bild3663 bild3662 bild3664

After having written this, I must admit that Neuland turned out to be more of a holiday for me than a serious seminar. Well, this is not totally unexpected… *g*. I can recommend Neuland, so if you have good grades and spend the next autumn in the US or in Canada, just make an application. (Although they say it’s different, my experience is that good grades and a nice covering letter are what McKinsey scours for.)

Concerning McKinsey itself (and from what we were told, this also applies to BCG and the other consulting companies): Well, I’ll never work there and I will never request their services. They just live in a totally different world. Still, Neuland was a very joyful week, so just go there yourself and get your own picture!


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