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Do they have new arks in Newcastle?

Posted in Newark by Ulf on December 7, 2008

On Saturday I did another bike trip. This time I chose to go eastwards which lead me to New Castle. That is the place where William Penn landed (although it’s still in Delaware and not in Pennsylvania). A friend of mine has been in Newcastle, too, although he spells it wrong. In English, they don’t just create new words by joining two existing ones like we do in German. So it must be written like New Castle ;-). (Well, I better keep my mouth shut because I’m in Newark and not in New Ark.)

I started my trip with a little detour. I wanted to see the DaimlerChrysler site in Newark (the German part of the former DaimlerChrysler only calls itself “Daimler”, so I was surprised to see that everybody still calls the American part “DaimlerChrysler” here). This visit to their assembly site was rather urgent as the plant will be closed in this month. This is probably not really good for Newark. In 2006 there were something like 2,000 men working here. Today they say it’s still like 1,000. Newark only has a population of around 30,000. Most of them are probably with the university (we have something like 19,000 students and a staff of 4,000). Losing this assembly site must be a major problem.bild3774The cars on the picture are Chrysler Aspen which were built in Newark. But the flags are much more interesting: The ones on the left pole show some ISO norms which the site fulfills. On the center pole you find the Stars and Stripes and the flag of the state of Delaware. And on the right pole there is a Chrysler flag and a flag from the UAW which is a labor union. Just imagine a Daimler plant in Germany with six flags where two of them show some DIN norms, another two being the EU flag and the German national flag and finally an “IG Metall” flag in just the same size as the only Daimler flag at that site. Unbelievable!

About 10 miles further down on my way to New Castle, I saw something which I thought would just exist in the Internet. Have you ever bought books from Amazon.com? For me, Amazon is THE e-commerce company per se. Still, they even have a real building and a real signboard in front of it:bild3779-2
From Amazon I only had to go another 3 miles or so to reach my destination. New Castle turned out to be a lovely looking, historic town. And they still have the courthouse which is the center of the 12-miles-circle (earlier in this blog).
bild3781 bild3783 bild3786

In Newark I went straight to be beach. But I was not the first one. The gulls and the ducks arrived before me:
bild3792 bild3795

When I tasted the water of the Delaware Bay I was a bit disappointed. It does not taste salty, so it was not from the Atlantic ocean but from the Delaware river. I thought that I might find some European water over there in New Castle. So I just left a short note in the sand and went back home to Newark again (the sand in New Castle is much finer than the sand in Waikiki or in Miami Beach but the 31°F are miserable).


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  1. Andreas said, on December 8, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    btw Yahoo, Google and Co. also have real buildings, just around the corner here. If it makes you happy, you could spend a day by taking pictures from all the buildings as they actually don’t have only building one but more like a whole campus

  2. ulf84 said, on December 8, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    It’s not half as interesting to go to a place which you know that you’ll find compared to just walking around and finding a place by chance :-)

  3. […] 2009 You might remember that I once made some jokes about spelling the city of Newark as “New Ark“. Well, I just noticed that a local church really did […]

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