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Adventskalender: Warst du im Chor?

Posted in Adventskalender by Ulf on December 10, 2008

choirHaha, this should be an easy one. No, I never sung in a choir. The last woman who had a different opinion was our music teacher in junior high school (in something like my 10th grade). If I remember correctly we were a minority of about 8 boys in a class of about 30. That’s probably why we sticked together in either singing awful or (what was probably better) in not singing at all. Most of us dropped our music classes after that year. There were only one or two that went on because they were even worse in painting than in singing. I think one of them is farmer now while the other is a bricklayer.

I remember one day in our class when an old friend of mine, Frederik, brought a “Green Day” CD. I think the whole class sang “Basket Case”, even we boys did. That was cool.


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