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Digging deeper in the Everglades

Posted in Florida by Ulf on December 10, 2008

As Alexandra has mentioned in a comment on an older post, our airboat trip was not really in the Everglades. I mean, those were the Everglades, but only the very beginning of them. There is a large Everglades National Park with more than 6,000km2 to discover (ok, if I think about this now, it’s not too much…) where you are not allowed to go by airboat.

economy4drTherefore, on November 21st, we went to holidayautos.de again and booked a “F1 Economy 4dr a/c aut (oder ähnlich)” for November 22nd to 23rd. We paid 34€ altogether including a liability insurance, a comprehensive cover and a full tank of petrol. I still don’t understand how this works because even with US gas prices, the 34€ will just be sufficient to fill the tank. There is almost nothing left for paying the car and both the German and the American staff.

Anyway — on Saturday morning we went to the Alamo site in Miami South Beach and got our reasonably priced car. It was some white Japanese model with about 5,000 miles on the clock. I’m afraid we did not take pictures of it, so I can’t tell you exactly what is was (Clemens, Christoph, did you take any pictures?). Oh, I have not yet introduced our group: We, that is my fellow Alexander (who I might call Pingu later on), the slackline walker Christoph and Clemens. Clemens seemed not to be very familiar with my way of driving a car: when he was drinking some water from his bottle right in front of the car rental company, he probably did not expect my to do a U-turn right away. You might want to enlarge this photo to see the water in Clemens’s face ;-)


However, regarding the Florida temperatures, his clothing probably got dry very quickly again on our route through the Everglades:


But not only Clemens experienced some surprising moments. The Everglades National Park had many things which I would not have expected. On our way there, we went by a building with funny, well-trimmed sculptures in front of it:


This turned out to be the yard of a police station (here is the proof). But this obviously was long before we arrived in the Everglades. So stay tuned for the next posts… :-)


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