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The Everglades, an undiscovered country.

Posted in Florida by Ulf on December 12, 2008

dscf3676-roadThere is just a single road which goes straight through the Everglades National Park. They call it the “Main Park Road”. Basically everybody who visits this National Park will drive on this road. It will be absolutely crowed, with millions of motorhomes and SUVs all over the place. As the late November is the best time of the year to visit the Glades, we expected it to be even more jammed.

Reality turned out to be different. As a rough estimate, there are just as many park rangers as tourists in this place.dscf3692 We met about 20 other cars on about 60 miles of tarmac. But the National Park Service really does a lot to make people come here. The road is in perfect shape and even the road shoulder was nicely mowed all along the way. They really care about the Glades.

On our way through the Park we stopped at two completely different walkabouts. These are small paved tracks through a beautiful area. They say that each of the tracks takes you about an hour to walk. However, that’s probably an estimation for some elderly fellows on wheelchairs ;-).

Our first walkabout took us through a beautiful wood. No risk of getting a sunburn here, instead a constant temptation of leaving the track and playing Tarzan in the jungle.

dscf3672-likethis dscf3670 dscf3673

Ok, you’re right. This is a beautiful place, but it’s not the way we expected it to be. Therefore we tried the next walkabout. This trail was not paved anymore, but it was a long wooden footbridge instead. A good indicator that it would soon get wet under our feet.
image1 image2

And this time, we were right. Just a few steps ahead the jungle got lighter, only consisting of thin cypress trees that had already dropped most of their leaves. And then we saw the reason why this area is called the “Everglades“. It’s such a large place, you can look as far as you want and you’ll still only see some single trees here and there:

dscf3683 dscf3681

But our time was constantly running out, so we went on to Florida bay and a mysterious place called “Flamingo”. Perhaps this is where the masses of tourists are hiding?
See you later!


2 Responses

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  1. Jens said, on December 12, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    Sehr schöne Bilder von den Everglades.
    Könnt Ihr zur Biologie der Sümpfe, der Vegetation, den abgestorbenen Bäumen, dem Wasserstand (pendelt er ?) noch etwas sagen.
    Ulf, bitte maile mir das Foto vom Sunset im Park und ein Bild, welches das Airboat informativ zeigt.

  2. Ulf said, on December 12, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    Moin Jens!
    So wie wir es verstanden haben sind diese Baeume (ich glaube es sind Zypressen) nicht abgestorben. Ich denke, diese Pflanze kommt dem am naechsten:

    Ob der Wasserstand saisonal pendelt weiss ich nicht, eine interessante Frage! Da die Everglades ein Abfluss des Lake Okeechobee sind duerfte der Wasserdurchsatz schon jahreszeitlich pendeln. Ob sich das aber in der Stroemungsgeschwindigkeit oder in dem Wasserstand aeussert kann ich nicht sagen.

    Weitere Bilder schicke ich dir heute abend — wenn ich dran denke *g*.
    Gruss Ulf
    PS: Zur Biologie… frag am besten mal den Biolehrer des Hauses ;-)

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