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Adventskalender: Hast du am 4. Advent noch mehr als zwei Kerzen?

Posted in Adventskalender by Ulf on December 14, 2008

How many candles have you left on the 4th Sunday in Advent? Do you manage to have more than two of them?
First of all, isn’t this question a bit early? I mean, today is only the 3rd Sunday in Advent!

zuendkerze_ngk_lang_web1The only candles I have are the “Zündkerzen” (spark plugs) in my internal combustion engine. And as I have an R4 engine (four cylinders in a row), I have exactly four of these “candles”. There were four of them on the 1st Sunday in Advent, and there will still be all four of them after the Christmas time. So spark plugs seem to be a bit more reliable than those normal Advent candles.

Have you ever thought about driving your car with only one cylinder during the first week of December, and then adding one more cylinder every Sunday? ;-)


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