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One National Park is not enough: Let’s visit Biscayne!

Posted in Florida by Ulf on December 15, 2008

On our way back from the Everglades, we visited the Biscayne National Park. Yes, you’re right. They do have multiple National Parks right next to each other.

If you want to know more about the history of this National Park, open the first image and read the text on the board. It basically says that a public campaign wanted to prevent some company to build a large refinery at this place. They said that the industry would harm the environment, so they founded this National Park. The second picture shows Pingu and Christoph on a trail which many anglers use. Please also notice the plant on the right hand side of the second picture ;-).

dscf3719 dscf3720

I also have some other pictures of the Biscayne National Park. But as my camera broke down on the day before we went on our trip, I can only show you the pictures which Pingu took. Well, I noticed something. All pictures which Pingu took have some birds on them. I mean, I also like eating chicken. But I guess Pingu has something different in mind. Anyone has some clues?

dscf3723 dscf3725

Just one last thingy about the Biscayne National Park: We planned to go snorkeling there or to get some canoes and make a short trip. However, the only enterprise which had a concession in that National Park went bankrupt the week before we arrived. Starting December 15th (today!) , a new company is established, so please feel free to go there yourself and tell us about the boat trips that we have missed ;-).


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