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11/23/08: Arrival on Oahu

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on December 16, 2008

So, here we are. Enough about Florida, let’s write about Hawaii. I arrived in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii on late 11/23/08. I was the last one of our group. Matthias M. and Matthias G. (both from Illinois) were the first ones to arrive. They already did a little adventure holiday in Hawaii:

2008-11-22_12-52-27-hawaii-0450 2008-11-22_12-52-50-hawaii-0451

Ania (yellow shirt) and Andi also arrived before me. They met a girl called Kelly (blue shirt) in the hostel who joined them on their way up to Diamond Head. Ania is from Poland, but she has been studying in the US for 5 years now. Kelly is Canadian. She is in Vancouver right now. Vancouver is where they brake the mirrors off the cars.


Well, so far, so good. Finally, we had all arrived on Oahu. But things started going wrong at about 5pm on Sunday 23rd. The next picture shows Matthias M. at 4:52pm. He is still alright. The second picture shows Andi and me at about 5:20pm. I already started to limp a bit while Andi is still fine. But this would also change…

2008-11-23_16-52-44-hawaii-0408 2008-11-23_17-20-32-hawaii-0022

So, what happened? Matthias M. was hit by a wave, just like the one you see on the picture. Well, his wave was a bit stronger. He was thrown to the ground and got a punch on his neck. A US marine took him to a hospital where they X-rayed Matthias, gave him a neck support belt and filled him up with all kinds of pain killers. His injury was really bad. Today, Matthias still has problems with his neck. Now, after almost one month (Dec 16th) he flew back to Germany. Maybe the German physicians can really do something for him?

ulf_wound2Meanwhile, Andi and I got into the water of Waikiki Beach, not knowing yet what happened to Matthias. As we are stupid German tourists, we ran straight into the “ʻAʻā lava” (translation: “stony with rough lava”). I should have known better as I’ve been on Hawaii before. Whenever you walk on lava with your bare feet, make sure it is “Pāhoehoe lava” (translation: “smooth, unbroken lava”). Well, the result for me was, that I was bleeding on my little finger (which was no problem) as well as under both my feet. That, however, was pretty inconvenient. The wounds did not heal while I was on Hawaii, so I always had pain while walking. I can still see the wounds today.

andi_jellyfish2But what about Andi? He was more lucky concerning the lava we walked on. But still he did not like it, so we went to a more calm section of the beach. There was only sand below us, so no lava to worry about. But there were jellyfish. Andi, who was lucky so far, was hit by two of them, so his rear got red. Andi would usually never say anything if he has pain. But now, he really screw his face up. That must have hurt.

So, that was our first common day on Oahu. Matthias G. and Ania were the only ones of our group who had no problems so far. But this changed the next day… so stay tuned.


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  1. Jens said, on December 18, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    Ich habe Eure Hawaii-Gesundheitsprobleme mit Interesse gelesen und kann alles nachvollziehen. Ich selbst habe vor Jahren in Kauai gebadet und mir 4 oder 5 brennende jellyfish-Tentakeln an den Armen und Brust zugezogen. Auch die Aa-Lava sagt mir etwas.
    Nach den ersten kleinen Kontakten trug ich damals dann konsequent meine Sandalen…
    Und von dem Strand in Kauai in der Nähe der Napali-Küste haben wir uns damals zurückgezogen, nachdem ein Brecher mich regelrecht niederschlug und ich mit dem Kopf im sand landete.
    Interessant alles, auch center of buoiancy oder so….Super ferry

  2. […] correctly, even our cripple Matthias M. went into the water. Maui turned out to be much nicer than Oahu: No jellyfish here, and no lava rocks to cut your feet :-). Following the refreshing swimming we […]

  3. […] subtle warning sign ;-). The messages on all those danger signs reminded us a bit of our “bad luck day” on Oahu. Matthias was told about the waves at this place while Andi read the inscription […]

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