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I got a new bike!

Posted in Newark, People by Ulf on December 16, 2008

I’ve got a new bike! The bearing in the back wheel of the old one got completely stuck right now, and getting a new back wheel would cost around $40. When I was looking through the classifieds (craigslist.com seems to be a good address!), Ji-Chul offered me a spare bike. Ji-Chul is an office mate from Korea who currently finishes his Ph.D. thesis. The bike belongs to his wife, but she has not been using it for the last few years. So here it is, the new cycle:


What is great about this bike?

  • It has two brakes which both work independently of the chain!
  • I can change the gears! (That’s a bit funny: I can adjust the gear changer with almost no steps, so one has to be much more cautious when changing gears compared to for example the bike I have in Germany.)
  • The front suspension has a spring, so driving off the sidewalk is very comfortable now.
  • It has a mounting for a bike basket. That one might become useful.
  • It has a bell. Pedestrians, get out of my way!
  • The handlebar is much shorter than the one of the old bike. That makes driving more sporty :-).
  • And is has no fenders. That saves weight, and less weight means better acceleration!

Thank you, Ji-Chul!

However, as the bike has been rusting for quite some time, there have to be a few drawbacks. One is the second-from-top gear in the back. As the sprocket it broken, the chain spins and no torque is applied to the wheel whenever I am in that gear. So I have to get out of the 6th gear as fast as possible:



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  1. Tommy said, on December 18, 2008 at 3:18 am

    I wouldn’t mind the two missing teeth but the crown of your fork looks sooo rusty! It might break any second. (…That would imply loosing at least the third of the special features mentioned above. ;) …)

  2. Ulf said, on December 18, 2008 at 8:58 am

    I would also loose at least one of my brakes in that case. But even then the new bike would have more features than the old one ;-).

  3. […] break apart. The front gear changer broke off (non-repairable), and as I told you some time ago, one of the rear sprockets is also broken. Then a screw from the rear gear changing mechanism came off. However, after I found the cogwheel, […]

  4. […] my current bicycle gets harder and harder since another sprocket started falling apart (not the one I told you about earlier). Unfortunately, the chain always tends to stay right where I don’t want it to be: in the […]

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