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Camping on Ukumehame Beach, Maui. What more can you expect?

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on December 19, 2008

Although Maui fulfills all imaginable requirements of what is generally considered a “paradise”, they still have sunsets. I mean, sunsets are great. But afterwards it’s dark which is a slight problem for campers. Therefore we had to put up our tents before 6pm. So far we had seen Kahului (point A on the map) and Wailuku (B). As we were already heading westwards (which is, according to Andi, always a good direction), we decided to find a camp site on West Maui. They call it Ukumehame Beach (C).


It is really easy to navigate on Maui. You can always see a part of the coastline, and you always see the Haleakalā Mountain. Well, almost always. With these two information you always have a good estimate on where you are and in which direction you’re driving. The Haleakalā, by the way, is the volcano which formed the eastern part of Maui. Anyway, I will call him “Haleakala” from now on (instead of Haleakalā) as it is a pain to copy-and-paste this “a”-like letter all the time ;-).

We had to stop several times on our way to the camp site to take photos. The photo on the left hand side is not the most beautiful one, but our best photo of the Haleakala so far. It really looks so tiny in the background. Looks like we could even walk up there. While we were enjoying the view, Ania made herself familiar with the culinary offerings next to the roads of Maui. In other words, she got our breakfast.

2008-11-24_15-36-59-hawaii-00733 2008-11-24_16-41-34-hawaii-00762 2008-11-24_16-09-12-hawaii-03851

Once we reached the camping site, we were astonished. We could put our tents just a few feet next to the ocean! Can you believe this? Our both Matthiases seemed to enjoy it the most. Matthias G. could revive the memories of his last life as a Orangutan while Matthias M. finally got the chance to lie down and to recover from the straining trip (at this time, his injury was not yet 24h old!).

2008-11-24_16-58-02-hawaii-03872 2008-11-24_17-12-14-hawaii-03941

If I remember correctly, this camp site requires a state permit. The other tents at that place had some permits. Basically, a permit is nothing but a piece of paper with your name on it and a receipt for something like $15. We decided to stay here without such a permit, and nobody cared about it. So we assembled our two tents and had a little in-tent dinner. Ania even brought some wine glasses which added a slight atmosphere of luxury :-).


If you think this is a good place to stay on Hawaii, you’re definitely right. However, the place where we were about to spend our second night will be even better… :-). Aloha!


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