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Three very different meals on Maui’s west coast

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on December 20, 2008

As the sunrise over the Pacific rouse us from sleeping on 11/25/08, we decided to take a bath in the ocean. If I remember correctly, even our cripple Matthias M. went into the water. Maui turned out to be much nicer than Oahu: No jellyfish here, and no lava rocks to cut your feet :-).
Following the refreshing swimming we had breakfast: Cornflakes and milk with many fruit. Yammi, meal #1 was great! Afterwards I failed to shave myself in the absence of running water. I just could not clean the razor this way: for these conditions, don’t take one with four blades! The hair will get stuck in between them.
So, after this tiny lesson we left the beach to see the rest of western Maui. We decided to let our 202 horses scent the air — and therefore removed the roof from our Jeep.

2008-11-25_09-51-55-hawaii-0087 2008-11-25_10-39-17-hawaii-0013 2008-11-25_11-08-12-hawaii-0091

We trailed the Honoapiilani Highway along the coast line, but shortly after we passed Lahaina our wish to go to the beach overcame us again. It was in the town of Kaanapali when we saw a stony beach behind a luxury villa. Breakfast dated already 2-3 hours back, so we were hungry and went to that place. Unfortunately though, the banana tree was too high. Neither our professional orangutan Matthias G. nor the brave and highly motivated Andi could reach the fruits.

2008-11-25_12-30-21-hawaii-0093 2008-11-25_12-48-43-hawaii-0345

Instead Ania found a little red whateveritiscalled. She did not dare to eat it, so this was Andi’s and my job. When opening it we were surprised that it is full of a white milk. We also were quite distrustful now, so we only tasted very little. It was a bit like raspberry, but we did not eat enough to get a real impression. Later that day we were told that you can eat basically everything that you find on Hawaii. So we could have eaten a bit more of our second meal.

2008-11-25_12-53-29-hawaii-0105 2008-11-25_12-55-37-hawaii-0106

We wanted something real now, so we asked our Lonely Planet guidebook. We decided to go to the famous Gazebo Restaurant in Kapalua. It turned out to be a tiny arbor next to a pool with some chairs inside. We luckily did not look up “gazebo” in a dictionary before, so this was a real surprise for us. It was next to the beach with a scenic view. And the food was delicious! I would recommend this place as a “must go” on western Maui. Ah ya, we could also play chess with coconut monkeys :-).

2008-11-25_14-16-43-hawaii-0114 2008-11-25_14-14-53-hawaii-0113 2008-11-25_14-14-56-hawaii-0348

Concerning the view however, this was still not the best one we had on this Tuesday. The road would soon change its name from “Honoapiilani Highway” to “Kahekili Highway”. That is Hawaiian, and I guess it means something like “wonderful place” or “much fun”. Stay tuned to find out about it! Aloha!

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