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Adventskalender: Wofür spendest du / würdest du spenden?

Posted in Adventskalender by Ulf on December 21, 2008

What do I donate money for?
I must admit that I have not donated any money this year. Well, that’s not completely true. The Comdirect Bank gives me 1 Euro each month which is, one or two days later, transferred to “Médecins Sans Frontières”. So I have already donated about €5 this year. Thats about £5 or $7 ;-)

But now I will donate some more money. It goes to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is my favorite list of formulas, a great source to copy foreign characters from (like our umlauts or Greek letters) and it is also a great place for random reading (while I should be working instead).


The German Wikimedia Verein offers a nice form where you can donate money by Bankeinzug. That’s the easiest way to donate money in Germany. I have now donated my €20 of the $6,000,000 which they want to collect this year. Now they only need 214,285 others who spend €20 :-)


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