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Maui’s west coast: A phenomenal view and fierce battles (no casualties)

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on December 22, 2008


In the afternoon of November 25 we went on driving around Maui. Point “A” on the map is where we started in the morning. “B” is the place where we did not dare to eat the red fruit which was why we went to the restaurant near “C”. As we went on, the road became nicer and nicer:

2008-11-25_14-49-03-hawaii-0350 2008-11-25_15-10-24-hawaii-0124

At first the highway was still pretty wide, so I could enjoy the great view instead of watching the road all the time. Matthias M. was still not feeling very well, so he always asked me to drive slowly, to avoid the potholes and the rocks on the road. I still liked looking out of the side window instead :-). Sorry about that, Matthias!

It was probably near the place marked with a “D” in the map where we saw this nice bay. We stopped the car, once again, to take some photos.

2008-11-25_14-56-08-hawaii-0356 2008-11-25_14-55-41-hawaii-0355
2008-11-25_15-01-19-hawaii-0359 2008-11-25_14-58-01-hawaii-0358

But only taking photos was not enough. Some of us wanted to go down while others refused to. That’s why it came to a small melee between Ania and Andi. Normally I would have expected Andi to bring this to an end rather quickly, but Ania turned out to be equally tough. They somehow fell down the cliff, so Matthias could only watch them from the top:

2008-11-25_14-59-38-hawaii-0122 2008-11-25_14-58-53-hawaii-0121

Luckily there were no severe injuries, so once they calmed down, we could head on around the island. We went past a funny field of stones that were all aligned, one above the other. It was so organized, it almost looked like a cemetery. I mean, who does not want to be buried in a place like this? Even under those gray clouds it looks fabulous!

2008-11-25_15-17-33-hawaii-0125 2008-11-25_15-20-53-hawaii-0129 2008-11-25_15-32-17-hawaii-0365 2008-11-25_16-08-53-hawaii-0131

At some point we unfortunately realized that we only had about 90 minutes left before sunset, so we put the soft top back onto our V6 convertible.

The road was getting narrower and narrower. In many places it was just a one lane road. That’s why I had to drive backwards about two or three times to find a place where I could let the oncoming traffic pass.
One funny thing about this road was that there were warning signs saying “One Lane Bridge”. I mean, who would build a bridge with two lanes for a single-lane road? ;-)

2008-11-25_16-24-59-hawaii-0134 2008-11-25_16-31-59-hawaii-0368

Although the north shore of western Maui is almost uninhabited, there was one little village. It might have been Kaukini, but I’m not sure. The traffic density was roughly three cars per hour. Still they do sell food next to the road.  You can read the advertising panels if you click on the pictures. They say that they even accept online orders! We were fortunate that Ania could not resist buying some sweets which she had to share with us :-).

Our original plan was to go back to Kahului, but as it started to get dark, we had to change our minds. While looking for a place to put our tents, a local resident told us about a Boy Scouts site. Our cameras already ran out of battery, so we don’t have any photos from that evening (we played Skat!).  Please imagine a youth hostel with space for up to 200 young scouts that was completely empty.

There was just a nice Bay Stater called Buck who was the caretaker of the site. Buck showed us where to put our tents, and he also gave us a nice advice which implied getting up at about 4:45 am in the morning… if you want to find out what we did, watch out for tomorrow’s blog post :-).



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