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Quick note on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited “X”

Posted in Hawaii, University stuff by Ulf on December 23, 2008

2008-11-26_08-48-21-hawaii-0176When we were at the Boy Scouts site we opened the hood of our car for the first (and only) time. Does the Jeep look like a European car?

No, it doesn’t. I mean, there is an engine under the bonnet (V6 3.8L, naturally aspired, petrol) . It has 202 hp, most of which go astray in the automatic gearbox that really heats up during the ride.

But that’s about it. Look at all the cables! They have no protection against moisture at all! You can even see the bare copper wires in some places! How are they going to protect their control units and their connectors from oxidation and fretting?

No wonder that they already had four recalls on this model (effecting altogether about 427,000 cars) if this is their understanding of quality! In one lecture in Stuttgart we were told that a single recall would cost around €1,000 per vehicle which is about the benefit an OEM makes with a standard Golf-like car. If these numbers are comparable to the US manufacturers, they did not make much profit with this series of Jeeps…

Still, the car was running. And it was thirsty! Drinking about 10 miles to the gallon! Wikipedia says it would do 16 mpg while Chrysler advertises it with 21mpg (I’ve just noticed that that’s the rating for the manual gearbox version on a highway driving cycle). In metric units, we wasted about 24l/100km. Don’t buy this car! It’s too American. But still, it was a nice ride on Maui. As a rental car for five days it was perfect!


PS: Why do the US blokes measure the engine displacement in liters and not in gallons? I mean, everything else is expressed in gallons! (When I told Bob about a 2l coke bottle which I bought here in a US store, he replied “I don’t know how much that is.”. And yes, the Coke bottle said “2l” and not “0.528 gallons”.)


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