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Hiking Haleakala in a car!

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on December 25, 2008

Another place where you have to go on Maui is the Haleakala. On Wednesday we started at the Boy Scouts Site (A) and went down to Kahului where we did our shopping for the next days. Afterwards we had lunch. Ania ate some Japanese stuff, maybe sushi. The real meatatarians among us went to Wendy’s (B) we we got real American fast food :-). And we got a nice little paper placemat which we took with us:

Having had a great meal, we went to the National Park. At first we were driving below the clouds, but it did not take much time until we were really in them again:

2008-11-26_14-16-02-hawaii-0279 2008-11-26_14-19-16-hawaii-0281

When we reached the campsite (C), we were well above the cloud level, so we had shiny weather again. Although it was already getting a bit colder up here:

2008-11-26_14-56-59-hawaii-0181 2008-11-26_14-51-46-hawaii-0180

After we installed our tents, we drove on to the top of the mountain. The vegetation started to vanish and the air pressure dropped (reducing the power of the car while increasing the speed of my breathing). We probably found the only sign on Maui which says “ice” without the name of a fruit and without a price tag:

2008-11-26_15-29-58-hawaii-0182 2008-11-26_15-30-06-hawaii-0183

And finally, after many many curves (must be great for a motor cycle or a car without any injured Matthiases in), we reached the top of the Haleakala at 10,023ft (place D on the map):

2008-11-26_15-56-43-hawaii-0189Now it really got windy and cold. The perfect weather for Europeans :-)!
I’ll show you more pictures later on.


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