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My nonexistent room mate

Posted in Newark, People by Ulf on December 25, 2008

bild3897The door on the picture belongs to the room of one of my floor mates. His name is “Miguel” or “Santiago” (depends on whom you ask). He is from Colombia and has just finished a language course here in Delaware.
Before I came here, he was the only floor mate which Susi had mentioned a couple of times. She calls him Miguel, just as Mary does. My two other floor mates (Iñaki and Alvaro) only call him Santiago. I don’t know why, but since they all have the same mother tongue, they must be somehow right.

Do you expect a picture of Miguel? I simply don’t have one! I’ve been in here for almost two months now, and I only saw Miguel/Santiago four times! The others don’t meet him either. He will move out in the next days (Mary told me about it, Miguel didn’t), so I probably won’t see him again. It’s so strange… there is someone who (sometimes) lives 20ft away from you but he simply does not exist…


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