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Our relocation comes closer…

Posted in University stuff by Ulf on December 26, 2008

bild3737At a group meeting in the beginning of the month we were told about the relocation plans for our group. Many groups in the department will have to move, but our group is the first one as we are the only group which currently occupies two separate rooms. At first we will have to give up one of our rooms completely, so we have to make all our stuff fit into the other room. It might get a bit uncomfortable in the next few months…

A relocation like this is still planned with the pen-and-paper method in Delaware. I got a carbon copy of the place where we can put some desks while the walls in our rooms are being teared down. That is enough for me, but the PhD students here have to play around with little yellow stickers and try to find a new place for all our experimental setups. Why don’t they do this in a CAD program, or at least in a vector graphics tool?

Edit: This post is already outdated before it was even published. Our group does not get the room which we received the blueprints of. So right now, nobody knows where our desks can go. I’ll find out…

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