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Happy Birthday Dear Extinguisher, Happy Birthday to you!

Posted in Newark by Ulf on December 27, 2008

When I had breakfast a few days ago, I had a look at the fire extinguisher in our kitchen. It’s attached around 6ft above the ground which might be way to high if the room is full of smoke and you can’t get up:
bild3724I’m also not really sure if I could grab it without having my eyes open. I might have problems when removing the metal belt which goes around it. Although I could probably just tear that thingy completely off the wall.

When I had a closer look at the fire extinguisher, I read that they want you to check the pressure every month. Well, they have written this in 1978 (this is your 30th anniversary, Happy Birthday, Dear Extinguisher!) and the manometer still shows that the pressure is “good”. Well, the manometer is obviously 30 years old, too.

It’s not really safe to to rely on a 30-years old fire extinguisher. Therefore, we also have a second one:
bild3732Unfortunately, this one is from 1975 which makes it another three years older … ;-)


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  1. […] are not given away for free in the US. Else our two fire extinguishers wouldn’t be 30 years old. I think it would make sense to test one of them. This might give us a clue if we can still rely on […]

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