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I read a newspaper… about Christmas, money and bankruptcy.

Posted in Newark by Ulf on December 28, 2008

bild3844 I got a local newspaper from Mary a few days ago. Actually it’s not a newspaper. I mean, it looks like one, but it rarely has any content. It’s called “Newark Post”. There are altogether 16 articles inside. That’s about what you can expect from the first 2-3 pages of a real newspaper.

And the articles are just about nothing. Here is a good example: “Don’t overspend this Christmas”. They use two columns just to tell me not to buy more gifts than I can pay for, and to consider donating some money:


The other articles are very similar to this. The one which comes closest to what I would call “news” (which I would expect in a newspaper) is about a robbery in one of our local bike shops. If I remember correctly, the thieves stole a few bucks and some liquors.

The last four pages of the newspaper are interesting again. Not for reading, just for getting a feeling about the economy in the US. The pages are full of “Sheriff’s sales”. These are houses which have been confiscated due to personal bankruptcy.


What is frightening me the most is the sheer number of announcements. And as they all say “October 31, 2008”, I think that they all belong just to one month! That’s unbelievable! Keep in mind that Newark just has a population of about 30,000!


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