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Don’t buy beer with funny names!

Posted in Newark by Ulf on December 30, 2008

homebrewOh yes, I did a mistake. A few days ago a Basque student (called Iñaki) spent three or four days in Delaware and stood in our apartment. We has applied for a Ph.D. position in Electrical Engineering.

One evening, our Iñaki (my regular floor mate), this Iñaki (the temporary floor mate), Juris (a Latvian friend of one of the Iñakis. He is kind of a “political arachnologist”. Yes, spelling is right.) and I went out in the evening for a beer or two. Or three. I can remember at least four.

Anyway, at one point, I bought the beer you see on the picture. It has a funny name and a bottle costs $4 (+tip), and it calls itself a “beer”. Seems like nothing could go wrong. In contrast, this was disgusting! Urgh!

Alright, at least I learned something. Never buy beer with funny names!


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  1. Marcel said, on January 4, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    The trick here is to at any cost avoid buying bottles saying “Ale” on them, whether they sell it as “beer” or not ;-)
    I should have warned you ^^

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