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The Postbank wasted money. Again.

Posted in Europe by Ulf on January 5, 2009

I’ve got an bank account at the German Postbank. I don’t think that is the best place for my money: About every four months, they burn some of it. Of course they don’t charge me directly, but somehow they have to finance their bollocks. Two things I remember are a promotional event for which I got an invitation, and a little metal lock with my name on it. The evening event was about investments, and they said some Bundesliga star would be there (I forgot who it was). The invitation went into the paper bin while I put the metal lock into the metal recycling. Why do they waste money for this crap? (I told my persönliche Kundenberaterin about this, but it seems that she can’t stop it.)

Now however, the Postbank has sent me something which I don’t throw away (although I consider it as wasted money again!):

bild3890 bild3892 bild3894 bild3895

So, if you open a new bank account and don’t know where to go, avoid the Postbank. There are others that offer royalty free accounts aswell. The Comdirect Bank, for example. But I’ve only used their services for five months now, so I can’t really tell.

PS: I also noticed my name in one of the Notfunny Cartoons.


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