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Little oxygen in 10,023 feet above sea level

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on January 6, 2009

The last time I wrote about our Hawaii trip we just ended up on top of the Haleakala mountain. So here we are:

2008-11-26_16-01-52-hawaii-0283 2008-11-26_16-13-27-hawaii-0192

This might look a bit like a crater (and I did in fact always call it a crater), but it just isn’t. They say that it that the mountain was washed out, so the “crater” was created by erosion.

We wanted to find out about it, so we followed the path down into the volcano. It turned out that one of us was not able to read signs. Maybe that’s because the atmosphere was about 1/3 thinner up there compared to the sea level pressure.

2008-11-26_16-33-44-hawaii-0197 2008-11-26_16-34-33-hawaii-0295

We’ve taken many more pictures from this place, but they all have one thing in common: If the sky wasn’t so blue, they could have just as well been taken on the moon. Instead I’ll show you the pictures we took on top of the mountain. You see a part of the visitor center (which is just a wind shielded room) and the observatory. They build these telescopes on high, lonely mountains to get rid of as much artificial light as possible and have little atmospheric disturbances. I would have loved to visit one of the observatories but I’m afraid we did not go inside.

2008-11-26_17-33-41-hawaii-0207 2008-11-26_17-36-26-hawaii-0306

Instead, we watched the sunset. It’s really interesting to see how direct sunlight influences the pictures different cameras take. There seems to be a cross on the first picture while the second and the third picture shows red circles around the sun. Where does this come from? Are these reflections inside the camera?

2008-11-26_17-44-39-hawaii-0211 2008-11-26_17-45-46-hawaii-0308 2008-11-26_17-46-53-hawaii-0214

We had quite some fun running around on top of the mountain. You’ll for example find both Andi and me posing in front of the car. I was also photographed while stealing some of the volcanic soil (it’s already on the way to Europe *g*).

2008-11-26_17-25-53-hawaii-0204 2008-11-26_17-48-38-hawaii-0323 2008-11-26_17-09-01-hawaii-0299 2008-11-26_17-11-03-hawaii-0303 2008-11-26_17-11-46-hawaii-0201 2008-11-26_17-23-31-hawaii-0304 2008-11-26_17-57-20-hawaii-0222

Have I already mentioned that Ania looks fabulous in her green jacket with the red hair-band?


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  1. Alexandra said, on January 6, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    so jealous!

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