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Our Native American Evening

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on January 7, 2009

On the evening of November 26th, we met a group of Hawaiian Children that were also camping on the Haleakala mountain. They were led by a Japanese immigrant and a Native American.  Please note that Indians come from India while American Indians are the people that are called “Indianer” in German.

They gave us hot chocolate with some tea in it (I forgot which flavor it was, but it was really tasty!), and we also had some marshmallows and a few grilled sausages. After the children went to bed, we were still sitting around the campfire, having some wine and some liquors. The Native American told us a lot about the history of Native Americans and about their life today. Basically, the government pays him a significant amount of money just for having children.

Our American Indian also played some music on something like a large flute. He told us that the instrument would be a bit different from tribe to tribe. The one he used was from a different tribe, so he had to close one hole all the time because he would never use it.

2008-11-26_21-04-22-hawaii-0223 2008-11-26_22-01-22-hawaii-0226

Can you believe that we were sitting around a campfire with an American Indian singing songs? This was so much like a picture book scene from childhood … it was so unbelievable.


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