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Breakfast at 10,023ft

Posted in Hawaii, Meals by Ulf on January 8, 2009

After watching the sunrise, we could not resist having breakfast on top of the mountain. We brought cereals, milk, french bread, Nutella, cream cheese and bananas. The Nutella costed $7 in Kahului, but as we were a group of five, we could split the price. Yammi!

2008-11-27_07-26-48-hawaii-0239 2008-11-27_07-30-16-hawaii-0240

We were a bit afraid when opening the milk. We bought it three kilometers below our picnic area, so the missing air pressure became apparent.

2008-11-27_07-22-57-hawaii-0237I think it’s really a good sign that those casks stand inflate a bit. This way we could be sure that the sealing worked properly.


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  1. Paul said, on January 16, 2009 at 12:20 am

    hey lucerne is the milk they sell all over vancouver!

  2. […] they don’t tell you want to do in higher altitudes. Luckily we didn’t bring this to our 10,023ft breakfast […]

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