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A church and much fun on the Keanae peninsula

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on January 9, 2009

One stopover on our way to Hana was on the Keanae peninsula. It’s marked with a “C” on the map I posted yesterday. Our guide book made us go there because they have some old church at that place. The church is completely (haha) made from volcanic stones. This was the first church I ever saw with with ceiling fans, but that’s about everything which makes it special. Here is the peninsula and the church (with a large, fenced-off sports field in front of it):

2008-11-27_15-32-20-hawaii-0257 2008-11-27_15-22-22-hawaii-0207

So, why do I bore you with this place? Well, the five of us had just gotten the chance to leave our car after driving around about 300 corners:


So what would we do? Let’s talk about Andi first. He jumped of the car and ran towards the first tree he could find? So why would a man leave a car and go towards a tree? … Well, that is not quite what Andi had in mind. Andi’s stomach is one of the wonders of the world. He can eat as much as he likes and will not get fat. The downside is that Andi is always hungry. And since the last meal was about 2-3 hours ago, Andi was really hungry by now! So that’s why he went to the tree:

2008-11-27_14-53-54-hawaii-0242 2008-11-27_14-54-34-hawaii-0244 2008-11-27_14-55-13-hawaii-0249

With Andi doing nonsense, I did not want to stay behind. This was the ideal terrain for turning off the traction control and engaging the four-wheel drive system with a locking differential. I made sure that the cleaning guys at the rental company won’t get tired ;-). In fact, I also put a thin film of dust on everything we had in the car, include all our luggage.

2008-11-27_14-57-52-hawaii-0250 2008-11-27_14-58-06-hawaii-0252

The car was still astonishingly precise to drive. It had some understeering, but it never really drifted away. Maybe I should have tried to get some more speed on the road before sliding on the gravel ;-).

You might have noticed that there was a large rainbow over the ocean. In fact, it was only one of the few times in my life when I saw a full 180° rainbow. And this one was even better: It was a double rainbow! The primary one is easily visible, but if you have a really close look (it’s better in the right-hand side picture), you’ll notice that the rainbow colors reappear in the opposite order. If you can’t see a second rainbow your computer display might not have a sufficient color resolution (this applies to my notebook). Wikipedia offers some nice pictures of double rainbows.

2008-11-27_14-58-47-hawaii-0254 2008-11-27_14-41-28-hawaii-0192

Although rain is something nice on Hawaii (it’s warm and gentle), we closed the roof of our convertible after we noticed the first few drops. Afterwards we spend some more minutes on the beach before heading on to Hana.

2008-11-27_15-20-20-hawaii-0205 2008-11-27_15-22-19-hawaii-0256


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  1. Paul said, on January 16, 2009 at 12:23 am

    Hehe the picture with the jeep, the girl and the rainbow is wicked.

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