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Still on the Road to Hana

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on January 10, 2009

After having done enough damage to Keanae (I hope I at least got the spelling right), we went on to Hana. As you cannot see on the pictures, the weather got really bad. I once even used the windscreen wipers to remove a few drops of rain from the windshield ;-).

2008-11-27_15-40-25-hawaii-0260 2008-11-27_15-42-27-hawaii-0213

We stopped about every two or three miles at different scenic view points and hidden places. Well, no really hidden places, just those that were close to the road. Keep in mind that we were still in America ;-).

Actually all the water falls next to the road were beautiful enough, so after every corner a new staggering view superseded the last one. And the Hawaiians were kind enough to put signs on the road to tell you about those great places. The signs said “NO STOPPING ANY TIME” which reads like: “IF YOU STOP YOUR CAR HERE YOU’LL BLOCK THE TRAFFIC. BUT SINCE THE OTHERS ARE TOURISTS AS WELL, THEY WON’T CARE ABOUT THAT SINCE THEY ALSO WANT TO GET OFF FOR TAKING SOME PICTURES”. The latter sentence is obviously to long for a road sign, so I guess that’s why they took the short version of it.

I especially liked the views when one just entered a new valley: One saw just green plants all over the place, and a tiny, ancient-looking bridge somewhere in the middle (like on the second picture).

2008-11-27_15-47-57-hawaii-0215 2008-11-27_15-53-44-hawaii-0217

But as I said we did a couple of stops. What did we do during these stops? Well, I jumped off different railings and Ania crawled in every bush, looking for a bamboo forest. She did not find one on this day, but without telling you too much: She will find her bamboo forest at some point during our journey.

2008-11-27_15-41-41-hawaii-0212 2008-11-27_15-42-48-hawaii-0263

Meanwhile Andi and Matthias M. took a bath in one of the waterfall-made pools next to the road. They said that the water in the pool itself would be very cold while the water coming from the falls was warm. Or was it just the other way around (that would make more sense to me right know)? Anyway, they did not bother swimming around but just took a shower.

2008-11-27_16-08-34-hawaii-0267 2008-11-27_16-13-11-hawaii-0218

Swimming makes hungry. Everybody knows that. I mean, you already know that Andi is always hungry. But swimming can even multiply that! So Andi ate some of the fruits we picked up at some place (I’ve forgotten where exactly these are from, there were just too many fruits all over the place).


Meanwhile one of the local squirrels also found something to eat. He always went back into the bushes once we got close to the table. But whenever we left the table again, it never took him very long to come back to his bag of foods. He must have been watching us!

2008-11-27_16-17-50-hawaii-0219 2008-11-27_16-35-04-hawaii-0222

Actually there are a lot of squirrels in the US. This applies at least to Newark and Atlanta. Their coat is gray here while the squirrels in Europe have a red one. The German Wikipedia entry refers to them as “Grauhörnchen” instead of “Eichhörnchen”.


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  1. Andreas said, on January 11, 2009 at 5:24 am

    Actually the water from the falls was the warmer one.
    btw the fruit I am eating is a Lychee even thoug they look quite different when you buy them in Germany.

  2. […] look as redish as they do in Europe, they are more like gray here. Oh, I just remember that I already told you about them. But anyway, the DC squirrels do funny […]

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