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+++ Missouri is saved +++

Posted in University stuff, USA by Ulf on January 16, 2009

Yesterday an email made my day:

missouriA paper I submitted to the American Control Conference 2009 was accepted! That means that I’ll have to attend the conference for giving a short talk on automotive Dual Mass Flywheels (their German name is Zweimassenschwungrad). This device decouples rotational oscillations induced by an internal combustion engine from the other parts of the drivetrain, mainly the gearbox. But before preparing the talk I’ll have to work on my paper a bit more as the reviewers had quite a few remarks.

acc-logoDo you want to know the best thing about the ACC09? It’s in Saint Louis, MO. Missouri was about to become one of my island states. I had already “visited” the southern and western neighbor states of Missouri during me flight from Atlanta to Honolulu. I saw some of the eastern neighbors during the Christmas road trip. I have plans for visiting South Dakota (they have the Mt Rushmore) and Iowa (some relatives live in Iowa). I also have plans for visiting Illinois (they have Chicago and some Matthiases), Michigan (Detroit, Sterling Heights, Tipton and especially Sonja) and Indiana and Ohio on a small week-end trip. So, that’s why Missouri was about to become a second Alaska for me. But that’s history because I can go to the ACC (with the help of GETRAG and the ISYS) :-) :-) :-).

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