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Trespassing the Blue Pool

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on January 18, 2009

Once we returned from the Seven Sacred Pools in Friday (Nov 28th 2008), we had to go back to Kahului to return our rental car and to catch our ferry back to Oahu.


We started near the campsite in the Haleakala National Park (A) and went to Kahului (D). As you can imagine, there must be something in between.

2008-11-28_10-46-10-hawaii-0082 2008-11-28_11-13-34-hawaii-0084
2008-11-28_11-21-48-hawaii-0086 2008-11-28_11-27-52-hawaii-0089

Yes, of course, there was the most beautiful landscape you could possibly imagine. Although we were driving to Kahului, it was still the “Road to Hana” with its amazing bends and even some very nice straights.


Did you notice the Mustang on the opposite lane? The Mustang is the only American car that looks good. Except for our Jeep, of course.

Apart from looking at the road and the landscape, we also had something different in mind. Our guidebook told us about a place called the “Blue Pool”. Well, we could not really expect a blue pool. The Lonely Planet said that it would only be blue in the morning light. It was already the early afternoon, but we wanted to go there anyway.

So we left the highway at the milestone our guidebook told us, and we followed an unpaved road. Our project felt a bit adventurous when we saw more and more signs which said “Private Property”, “No Trespassing”, “Keep out” or simply “The blue pool is closed”. But come on! We were a group of four men and one lady, so we just headed on.

2008-11-28_11-49-50-hawaii-0092 2008-11-28_12-43-52-hawaii-0109 2008-11-28_12-03-58-hawaii-0305

At the end of the road we finally found the Blue Pool. To compensate for our guilty conscience we left $5 in a post box near the beach. But then nothing could stop us, so we just jumped into the water:

2008-11-28_12-15-38-hawaii-0103 2008-11-28_12-16-14-hawaii-0105

I guess only all these “No Trespassing” signs made this pool something special. If the locals really wanted to get rid of the tourists they would better just make the place look boring.

After enjoying a great bath in a calm place next to the rough ocean, we spent some more time at the beach to get dry again. One of us could not resists showing where he got his swimming trunks from:

2008-11-28_12-19-41-hawaii-0312 2008-11-28_12-21-23-hawaii-0313
2008-11-28_12-32-31-hawaii-0107 2008-11-28_12-33-33-hawaii-0108

Somewhere near the pool we saw an igloo. For practical reasons they did not build it from ice but from plastic, but it still looked like one. It also reminded me a bit of the large soccer ball that traveled through Germany before the World Cup in 2006.
Actually I don’t really know if this is used as a normal house or just as a temporary shelter. I mean, from the temperatures on Hawaii it does not really matter: One could live in a tent during the whole year. And such a tent is probably cheaper than a house (even considering the poor American building standards). Anyway, it’s an interesting way of living. Without any corners, without straight walls, even without the possibility to knock a nail into a wall!

Isn’t Hawaii beautiful?

PS: I read on Wikipedia that public access to the beaches on Hawaii may not be prohibited. So we did not do anything unlawful when visiting the Blue Pool.


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