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Banana Bread, Mana Foods and quite a few surfers

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on January 20, 2009

In the early afternoon of this lovely Friday we slowly drove back to Kahului. Driving slowly was equal to driving as fast as possible. The traffic on Hana Highway seemed to be a bit heavier on the way back from Hana than on our way there.


On the “Halfway to Hana” we made a small stop to buy some Banana bread (and also various other kinds of sweets). Banana bread tastes so great, we should have bought much more!

2008-11-28_14-20-55-hawaii-0114 2008-11-28_14-27-44-hawaii-0120

The next stop was some beach near Paia. Paia is also known as the “World Capital of Windsurfing”. The Lonely Planet said that there would be some surfing championship on the last weekend of November. That just matched our trip! We did see many wave surfers, indeed. And there were a lot of cars with surfing equipment around, but it did not yet look like a competition.

2008-11-28_15-31-44-hawaii-0121 2008-11-28_15-42-54-hawaii-0124 2008-11-28_15-43-05-hawaii-0125

In Paia itself we returned to the grocery store which we discovered earlier. This time we took our cameras with us, so I can show you a few pictures:

2008-11-28_16-25-53-hawaii-0131 2008-11-28_16-10-40-hawaii-0324

As I told you before, everything in this market is remarkable. I mentioned the variety of chocolate before, but here is the proof. But it weren’t only the industrially made goods. They also had many fruits which we had not seen during our journey so far.

2008-11-28_16-07-39-hawaii-0323 2008-11-28_16-06-04-hawaii-0321 2008-11-28_16-05-31-hawaii-0320

If you ever go to Maui, visit this shop!


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  1. Lisa said, on January 21, 2009 at 2:19 am

    I like Maui too. Mana foods has the freshest kale and every kind of yogurt. It’s where all the locals meet. A blog I like is: http://hawaiiphotobank.blogspot.com where they provide a daily report from the islands.

  2. Jens said, on January 23, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    Schöne Bilder von den riesigen Wellen,
    aber auch von den Früchten.

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