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We’re leaving Maui. But before, we open another coconut!

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on January 21, 2009

When we arrived in Kahului harbor, we figured out that we had one coconut in our car that we picked up at some point during our ride. Well, we could not carry it to Oahu, so we had to open it right there on Maui. However, without any tools it would take too much time to open a coconut. So we decided to use the most powerful tool we had: Our Jeep Wrangler.

At first we tried to open the coconut by just parking one wheel on it. The Jeep as an empty weight of 2,0 tons, so we put a static weight of roughly 500kg on the poor coconut. But the coconut could stand this!
Our car just got a bit higher, so our orangutan climbed on it. But Andis 120lbs didn’t help either, the coconut turned out to be uncrackable.

2008-11-28_16-48-37-hawaii-0326 2008-11-28_16-49-29-hawaii-0134

If you’re interested, watch this video on how long it took me to carefully drive the car onto the coconut (1:10):

We still had not managed to open the coconut, but we did not yet give up. I had to try one more thing. Please have a look on how we finally opened the coconut (0:16).

Unfortunately the coconut turned out to be spoiled. The fruit pulp was soft and tasted like soap. But that didn’t matter, we had great fun while opening the coconut :-).
After this little amusement we removed all the goods from our car and returned it to the rental service. The Jeep was really a nice companion!

2008-11-28_16-51-53-hawaii-0328 2008-11-28_17-06-50-hawaii-0330

While we were waiting for the ferry, we bought some motion sickness medicine and started to write our postcards. Matthias and Ania also went to a little cloths store and tried some new robes.

2008-11-28_18-22-54-hawaii-0332 2008-11-28_18-27-50-hawaii-0144 2008-11-28_18-25-56-hawaii-0141

Finally we boarded  the Hawaii Superferry and enjoyed a calm ride back to Oahu. We had no problems at all, besides being a bit tired. That might be a side effect of those motion sickness pills. While I was still wearing my short trousers, Ania switched back to the outfit she wore on the Haleakala and calmly slept in.

2008-11-28_23-11-07-hawaii-0336 2008-11-28_20-44-23-hawaii-0020

When we finally arrived on Oahu we went back to our hostel. The check-in took a bit longer, so we celebrated Ania’s birthday at the counter of the Polynesian Hostel in Honolulu :-). Aloha!


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