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Remember Pearl Harbor

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on January 22, 2009

On November 29th we visited the USS Arizona Memorial. In Europe we know this place as “Pearl Harbor”, the place where a Japanese attack pulled the US into WW2 on December 7th, 1941.

2008-11-29_12-09-54-hawaii-0337 2008-11-29_12-19-47-hawaii-0339

The ammunition magazines of the Arizona were hit and exploded during the attack. Almost 1200 men died when the Arizona sank. (I just looked at this. That can really make you feel sick. Please look at the Soviet Union and China. I did not know about these numbers. I also tried to compare the Chinese losses with those of Japan. Please get an idea of that yourself.)

020523-N-9769P-057But let’s come back to the ship. The Arizona has never been lifted. It still lies on the ground of Pearl Harbor, next to many active war ships of the United States Navy. The Arizona was converted to a war memorial. Today there is a white structure on top of the wreckage which allows you to look down onto the submerged parts of the ship.

2008-11-29_13-46-01-hawaii-0021 2008-11-29_13-50-22-hawaii-0025

Don’t expect to see too much. The socket of one of the gun torrents is easily visible, and you see some oil leaking from the Arizona (her tanks did not explode, so the ship is still almost fully fueled).

2008-11-29_13-39-12-hawaii-0344 2008-11-29_13-54-06-hawaii-0027

2008-11-29_14-03-38-hawaii-0348 2008-11-29_13-49-59-hawaii-0346

I’m currently not in the right mood to comment on the other pictures.

2008-11-29_14-30-35-hawaii-0350 2008-11-29_14-32-42-hawaii-0351

2008-11-29_14-36-17-hawaii-0352 2008-11-29_14-27-34-hawaii-0349

The only picture that shows something interesting is the one in the lower left-hand side corner. They do some geometric calculations for the torpedos, and there is a red lamp indicating that one found a “correct solution”. I assume this is a device to manually solve an implicit equation.


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  1. Martin said, on January 23, 2009 at 12:53 am

    “the place we a Japanese attack pulled the US into WW2 on December 7th, 1941.”
    More correct would be: the place were the US government let the Japanese attack to convince the US-public to join WW2. ;)

    And Ulf, I’m disappointed!!!. In physiks you refused to shoot with an air-gun into some modeling clay for the progress of pacific science and now you sit behind a flak glorifying war?!?
    And you’re not even 3 months over there. Ulf, you better finish your business fast, or you might come back as Rambo! I think I inform the Bundeswehr, they will pull you backdated!
    Goodmorning btw 0:)

  2. Jens said, on January 23, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    Ja, der Film Pearl Harbor zeigt in beeindruckender Weise die Ereigneisse des Dez. 41
    Als Konsequenz dessen erklärte Hitler den USA den Krieg.
    Ich erinnere mich, dass mein Vater, der damals 15 war, sich den Kommentar meines Großvaters A.Sch. gemerkt hat, den dieser beim Mittagstisch äußerte:
    “Es ist unmöglich, einen Krieg gegen die USA zu gewinnen.”
    Da mein Großvater von 1910-1014 in den USA gearbeitet hatte, konnte er sich so ungefähr ein Bild von der wirtschaftlichen und technischen Leistungskraft des Landes machen und wusste so ungefähr die damalige Lage einzuschätzen…
    Schade, dass sie es nicht schaffen, den Diesel aus der Arizona abzupumpen.

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