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Last hours on Hawaii: We went snorkeling!

Posted in Hawaii by Ulf on January 24, 2009

On our last day on Hawaii we went into the water again. More precisely, we went on a snorkeling tour. We paid around $20 for the complete equipment and the ride to a very nice bay. I’m still completely astonished  when I look at the pictures now:

2008-11-30_12-25-25-hawaii-0018 2008-11-30_12-24-43-hawaii-0372

I did not spend too much time in the water as I was a bit afraid of ending up sunburned. Still, I’ve seen a large turtle and a small hammerhead shark, both at a distance of less than a meter! And there were many shoals of fish in every imaginable color.

2008-11-30_12-24-25-hawaii-0371 2008-11-30_12-31-06-hawaii-0375

As one of us took many photos from the same spot,  I tried to combine them with hugin, an open-source photo stitcher. Here is my result:


You’ll notice some offset in the two innermost trees. So the picture isn’t perfect. But I liked playing around with the tool anyway ;-). If you are curious about the sharp bends which some of the palms have: They didn’t come frome the software, nature seems to be like that.

I’m afraid these are the last pictures I can show you from our Hawaii vacation. After all I can only conclude that this was the most intense holiday I have had. Thank you Ania, Andreas, Matthias & Matthias for this unforgetable time! I look forward to meeting all of you on some more holidays.


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  1. sven said, on January 29, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    das panoramamachen muss noch geübt werden

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