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A quite different breakfast in 40,000ft

Posted in Hawaii, Meals by Ulf on January 25, 2009

Just a quick note on our return flights from Hawaii: Three of us ended up on different seats than we booked.

nwa_logoThe first one to change his seat was Matthias. He asked his airline if they could offer a seat where he could lay down (due to his neck problems).  They could not offer him something in the first class, but he got a seat with more legroom (which was next to an emergency exit).

300px-delta_logosvgWhile Matthias M. was discussing with the airline personnel, I chatted with the other Matthias at their gate. Suddenly the loudspeakers asked a “passenger Ulf S., I repeat: Ulf S. to proceed to gate … immediately”. That was a shock, especially as we were still twenty minutes before our bording time. Anyway, I ran to my gate as fast as I could. And for what reason? They asked me if I would change my seat  from 23A to a 26A. I mean, sure, but why do they make me run for such a minor change?

I was not the only one who was called-for in the airport. The same happened to Andi. He was also moved to another seat. But he had even more luck: They moved him to the first class.

NWA does not seem to serve any free meal to regular passengers on their flights. But since Andi was a first class passender now, he got a pre-flight Mai-Thai and afterwards a dinner at an altitude of 40,000ft:
01122008 01122008_001_

That seams to be appropriate for Andi :-)….


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  1. […] Andi, I remember that you once got a free upgrade to first class. Seems like I’m not the only one who likes NWA’s great service :-). leave a […]

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