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Nashville @ Night

Posted in East coast trip by Ulf on January 28, 2009

In the evening of December 25th we visited Nashville, Tennessee. The letter “t” in “Tennessee” must really feel bored because it’s so all alone. Just like the M in Mississippi.

Anyway, I’ve to tell you about Nashville. The first thing we saw was Nashville’s large bridge over the Cumberland River. In fact, we did not see the river, but the bridge was nicely illuminated.
Just minutes after we took this picture however, they turned the light off to save energy (that was at 11pm, but I forgot if it was 11pm CST or 11pm EST). Anyway, I liked that! Saving energy is not very common for America.

So, we then started to walk down the Broadway of “Music City”. The first two places we found were the local “Hard Rock Cafe” (which was closed) and a place that would give away free crab the day after. When we were there, it was closed, too.

2008-12-25_22-19-34-christmas-trip-4140 2008-12-25_23-03-04-christmas-trip-4052

It was really a strange feeling. The whole place looked very lively. Most bars and shops were illuminated, the streets were clean. And the loudspeakers which were installed in the traffic lights plays nice country music. The sound quality was great, so we enjoyed it. If there were people on the sidewalks, I’m sure that they would have been dancing all the time :-). But there was nobody around! Do all Americans have families to spend their Christmas Days with?


One of the few skyscrapers in Nashville is the at&t building. It was closed, obviously. But it looked really nice! Naturally it gives quite a contrast to the other buildings in downtown Nashville. Any boring standard skyscraper would have completely destructed the cityscape, but this one just didn’t. The at&t building is more like a tall castle which restrainedly stands on a rock somewhere in the background, still impressing enough to repel any neighbor from attacking the city ;-).


Not every shop was closed. Two bars were open (Alex tried to convince me to go inside, but I refused), and there was a little gift shop. As Elvis himself invited us, we had to take a look inside.


2008-12-25_23-37-01-christmas-trip-4070 2008-12-25_23-39-22-christmas-trip-4073

No, I did not buy these ;-). I content myself with getting some postcards and a mysterious sign. It showed a few crime scenes where beers had been killed. Some of you will see it once I’m back in Germany.

But the toy on the left-hand side picture really reminded me of my childhood. I think it was my grandfather who helped me to build some rubber band guns.  Mine were usually a bit longer, more like rifles. And mine did not have such a professional look. I also used clothes pins to hold a rubber band at the back end, but I think I preferred a small nail to hold it in the front.


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