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Arrival in DC

Posted in East coast trip by Ulf on February 1, 2009

On December 27 we left Charleston and started our ride to Washington DC. The road would take us through the Appalachian Mountains which promised a great landscape. This is how it looked like:

2008-12-27_13-10-51-christmas-trip-4129 2008-12-27_13-28-43-christmas-trip-4131 2008-12-27_13-38-35-christmas-trip-4139

One of us, however, did not see much of it: Mila still had quite a jet lag and decided to sleep in the car. To be honest, the road sometimes had a little lack in variety. So she did not even miss a single bend within a, say, 20 minutes nap:

2008-12-27_13-47-48-christmas-trip-4142 2008-12-27_15-06-00-christmas-trip-4154

To wake her up we decided to buy some food. That’s an easy way of making Mila happy. Whenever you mention the name of a fast-food restaurant, she will repeat its name with a “Yeah” in front of it. If you say “Taco-Bell”, she will respond “Yeah, Taco-Bell!”.  So this is where we went:

2008-12-27_14-20-21-christmas-trip-4146 2008-12-27_14-30-27-christmas-trip-4147 2008-12-27_14-30-35-christmas-trip-4148

This was also a nice place, so one day I’ll go to a Taco-Bell again. I don’t remember so much about the food. All I know is that I ate a menu with three tacos. They were not all the same: I tried both hard and soft tacos. But unfortunately I’ve forgotten which one I liked more, so I’ll have to try them again.

Back on the road, we eventually left West Virginia and arrived in Virginia itself. The Virgins, err, Virginians  are very proud of the Virginia Air Force. At the same time they are quite worried about speeding on their interstates. This turns out to be a very dangerous combination:


Although strictly obeying the speed limit, we made it to DC. We decided to walk through the city at night to get an idea of the distances and so on. Our only map was the grayscale print-out of a photograph of a map from a tour guide. Basically we roughly knew that it was a good idea to walk to the south west (this is what we did), but we did not exactly know where we were. This would lead to quite a big surprise (which I’ll tell you about tomorrow).


I could not believe how hard it is to take a picture of Alex and Mila on the other side of the road. Although DC had almost no traffic at all, there were still enough cars to make my pictures look funny:

2008-12-27_17-48-19-christmas-trip-4162 2008-12-27_17-48-31-christmas-trip-4163 2008-12-27_17-48-51-christmas-trip-4164 2008-12-27_17-49-00-christmas-trip-4165 2008-12-27_17-49-09-christmas-trip-4166


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  1. Andreas said, on February 1, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    They sell taco bell dinners in Walmart, so go there and buy the set (tacos, seasoning and sour cream) and make them youself. Then they are even betten because you could put approx 3 times as much meat in there which is just fine

  2. Mila said, on February 1, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    Du mochtest soft Tacos am liebsten. und ja, das waren die, die ich dir vorgeschlagen hatte :) Soft Tacos sind übrigens auch einfacher zu essen.
    Oh, und es heißt YEY, Taco Bell! :)

    Aber ja, du merkst anscheinend sehr schnell, wie man gewisse Frauen glücklich macht :P

  3. Ulf said, on February 1, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    @Alex: Yammie, that sounds nice! Unfortunately though, the next Wal-Mart is 10 miles away (and it is in Maryland which makes things even worse!). So it’s probably easier to go to the next Taco Bell which is just 1 mile away…

    @Mila: Hehe, danke fuer den Hinweis! Ich werd beim naechsten Mal gleich 3x Soft bestellen :-). Yey!

  4. Mila said, on February 2, 2009 at 3:02 am

    Verplan ich das jetzt oder heißt der Andreas wirklich nebenher noch “Alex”? :)

  5. Ulf said, on February 2, 2009 at 9:31 am

    hehe! Aehm… ;-)

    Wenigstens liest jemand, was ich hier schreibe! :-D

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