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We saw all NYC sights in one evening!

Posted in East coast trip by Ulf on February 16, 2009

Well, not all of them. But after we left our hostel in the evening of December 30th, we wanted to see as many sights as possible. Therefore we took the subway back from Brooklyn to Manhattan and got off at a station called “Wall Street”. We were right across the New York Stock Exchange! As you can see, the building was brightly illuminated although we were just in a financial crisis…

2008-12-30_17-05-05-christmas-trip-4482 2008-12-30_17-07-10-christmas-trip-4485

Our next destination was the Statue de la Liberté. Wikipedia says that the real name would be “Liberty Enlightening the World“. I’ve never heard that one before. This sounds like a good question for “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. Anyway, we arrived at “The Battery” just in time not to see the sunset over New York Harbor ;-). Anyway, we still had a nice view!

2008-12-30_17-24-44-christmas-trip-4492 2008-12-30_17-28-27-christmas-trip-4495

Inspired by the water, we went on the free Staten Island ferry to go to … well, Staten Island, the smallest district of NYC if one looks at the population. Having done that, we immediately took another Staten Island Ferry to return to Manhattan ;-). Luckily, the return ferry was free, too.
Back in Manhattan we continued our sightseeing tour. While we were looking for an Subway restaurant, we ran into Ground Zero. The Freedom Tower (which shall replace the former WTC buildings) isn’t very tall yet:

2008-12-30_19-06-12-christmas-trip-4515 2008-12-30_19-06-26-christmas-trip-4516
2008-12-30_19-08-42-christmas-trip-4520 2008-12-30_19-21-35-christmas-trip-4526

Next to the site we found the 9/11 memorial. Well, “the memorial” does not exist yet. Instead we found a plate which documented the attacks and honors the firefighters who died on that Tuesday. And we saw St. Pauls chapel. That’s a church right next to the WTC complex which survived the WTC collapse. Another church (St Nicholas Greek Orthodox church), which was also close the towers, did not survive 9/11.

As we were a bit afraid of incoming planes, we decided to leave the WTC site and went to the NYC city hall. We thought that this might be the place where they decided to build bumpy roads, non-accessible wheelchair stairways and grossy subway stations.

2008-12-30_19-39-10-christmas-trip-4531 2008-12-30_19-50-57-christmas-trip-4533
2008-12-30_19-54-05-christmas-trip-4535 2008-12-30_20-49-28-christmas-trip-4551

As we had now seen allTM sights which Manhattan could offer, we went back to Brooklyn. I don’t remember which bridge we wanted to take. Somehow we ended up standing right between them both:


I think the left one is Manhattan Bridge while the right one is Brooklyn Bridge. The names however do not really matter as you can use both bridges in both directions. So why didn’t they call them “upstream bridge” and “downstream bridge”? Or “east bridge” and “west bridge”? ;-)


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