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Manhattan II — We figured out that there still was a bit more to see.

Posted in East coast trip by Ulf on February 18, 2009

There was only one day left until 2008 would be over. We would never be so young again — so we decided to continue our Manhattan discovery… Only a few yards next to the Empire State Building we found a little gift shop. Wait, “20 Postcards for $1”? Could we seriously refuse such an offer? I decided to give him $3-$4 for those 20 postcards, which was still way too cheap. And I bought some magnetic stickers at that place, so I finally gave him about eight or nine dollars.

2008-12-31_10-11-23-christmas-trip-4559 2008-12-31_10-11-41-christmas-trip-4560

If you’ve ever wondered why the “Empire State Building” is called like that: Well, the state of New York is nicknamed the “Empire State“. And if you’ve ever wondered why the state of “New York” is called like that: Well, I can’t tell you. The capital of New York is not New York City, but a place called “Albany“. And as every good capital, they have got a capitol.

Going back to NYC, we visited the Rockefeller Center. We did not know that they have those lovely roof gardens, else we might have gone up to the top. The bottom area of the Rockefeller however, was also quite attractive. They had some kitschy figures, many flags (which were not the stars-and-stripes!), an ice-skating area and a fountain. Wait, a fountain? This was really American! It was freezing outside, roughly 20°F in the daytime and way colder at night (I’ll come back to the temperatures in one of the next posts). Anyway, there water fountain was running…

2008-12-31_10-47-54-christmas-trip-5009 2008-12-31_10-48-15-christmas-trip-4561 2008-12-31_10-48-21-christmas-trip-5011 2008-12-31_10-48-34-christmas-trip-4562

Near some of the newer buildings in the Rockefeller district, we suddenly thought we were in Little Italy (well, we were not!): Have you ever seen a three wheeler serving as a police car? *g*. We also saw another place where our friend Ruth sells steaks. I start to believe that she is not doing it herself.

2008-12-31_11-13-38-christmas-trip-5016 2008-12-31_11-16-21-christmas-trip-5023 2008-12-31_11-16-26-christmas-trip-5024

Talking about things to eat, we went into the local M&Ms store. I guess this is one of the places where you don’t want to go with your children. It was very good that I had some Swabians around — else I might have started to buy more chocolate then I could possibly carry :-).
I wonder if they make some M&Ms just for these shops. In those “My Color” dispensers at the walls they had sweets in colors which I have never seen before, and there were also some “Premium M&Ms” which aimed at more demanding (or more wealthy?) customers. If you look for some personalized sweets for your wedding, you only have to go to their website. They’ll create something for you ;-).

2008-12-31_11-22-34-christmas-trip-5033 2008-12-31_11-23-24-christmas-trip-4569 2008-12-31_11-24-18-christmas-trip-4570

2008-12-31_11-24-39-christmas-trip-5035 2008-12-31_11-26-40-christmas-trip-4574 2008-12-31_11-39-59-christmas-trip-4577

Next to the M&Ms store we found the Time Square. They were already in the preparations for the New Year’s Eve party, and some attendees were already waiting there ;-).

2008-12-31_11-46-12-christmas-trip-5049 2008-12-31_11-44-31-christmas-trip-4581 2008-12-31_11-44-05-christmas-trip-5046


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  1. Martin said, on February 19, 2009 at 10:08 am

    The second picture reminds me of Tallinn, just the cute girl missing ;)

  2. Ulf said, on February 19, 2009 at 11:30 am

    Exactly!!! :-)

  3. […] the sky cleared up again, we were getting hungry. Although we had already seen Italian cars, we  went to Little Italy in Lower Manhattan. Our guidebook told us about some nice restaurants in […]

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